rebelThink 01  team, decided to create the “Services department” to help customers to achieve the best result within realistic timelines and budgets.

Shaders on demand
As creator of Natural:shaders for 3ds max and mental ray multiplatform edition, we are also focusing on the creation of complex shaders. We are proud to announce the born of the “Shaders on demand” service, our clients can contact us to obtain custom shaders for mental ray, discreet 3ds max, Alias Maya and Softimage|XSI to use it on film and animation production. We committed to create powerful and flexible shaders as you need and when you need.

3D Services
This service has been created for clients who have complex productions or who have insufficient time to learn how to use our commercial products.
So we can help you collaborating with our commercial partner “rebelThink post”, a company specialized in post-production, digital effects, tv/spot, pre-visualization etc.

Special Project Support
Our team can also support our client’ projects creating custom or modified build for specific requirements, support client’ developer for special projects, or developing custom software/plugins to realize your vision / projects.

For more information, please contact us at

10 Apr 2005 - Turbo Squid Inc. becames the 1st worldwide distributor for Natural:shaders plug-ins and special releases ;

10 Mar 2005 - TheSign and rebelThink.01 founded a partnership for in-house software development ;

3 Feb 2005 - rebelThink.01 released Natural:shaders 1.1.6. Fixed the “Render elements” and “Render to textures” bugs ;

30 Dec 2004 - rebelThink.01 announce a new pricelist for Natural:shaders (42% discount) ;

27 Dec 2004 - rebelThink.01 s.r.l and Evoqe S.r.l.announce partnership to provide a mental ray option for solidThinking ;

24 Nov 2004 - rebelThink.01 s.r.l became official developer of mental images GmbH “Mental ray”.