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10 Apr 2005 - Turbo Squid Inc. becames the 1st worldwide distributor for Natural:shaders plug-ins and special releases ;

10 Mar 2005 - TheSign and rebelThink.01 founded a partnership for in-house software development ;

3 Feb 2005 - rebelThink.01 released Natural:shaders 1.1.6. Fixed the “Render elements” and “Render to textures” bugs ;

30 Dec 2004 - rebelThink.01 announce a new pricelist for Natural:shaders (42% discount) ;

27 Dec 2004 - rebelThink.01 s.r.l and Evoqe S.r.l.announce partnership to provide a mental ray option for solidThinking ;

24 Nov 2004 - rebelThink.01 s.r.l became official developer of mental images GmbH “Mental ray”.


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Non-UE : 125,00 Eur

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