NatShaders come straight from the development of internal software and techniques, created to be used in cinematographic productions. NatShaders will give the possibility to create many kinds of natural surfaces.

The first release, (, will include the following shaders: NatIce (replicates frozen surfaces, from ice cube to iceberg); NatSnow, (snow covered surfaces); NatSand, (useful for beaches and deserts); NatMagma, (for the creation of magma either liquid or solid, also with the possibility to blend one state with the other), NatRock (reproducing some kinds of rock surfaces) and NatSea based on our "Simple Natural:sea O/S shader". (reproducing seascape, lakes, rivers, etc.).
NatShaders share the same interface, simple, effective, created by artists for artists through stages of R&D on movie and television productions. Other features are the presence of ready to use presets, the possibility to animate every parameter and the possibility to save and load custom sets made by the user.
Natshaders can emulate complex natural effects in little time, even at high resolutions, guaranteeing you high quality levels of output. General support is provided for the 3ds max scanline rendering engine, and will be soon released for mental ray. Right now, it has been tested with many third party rendering engine like: Cebas Finalrender stage-1, Chaos Group VRay and Splutterfish Brazil R/S. After Siggraph rebelThink will work on a Mental Ray porting of Natural:shaders to support other software platforms like Maya and Softimage|XSI. Natural:shaders is just the beginning of a new management system of complex surfaces through custom materials based on procedural approach.









Presets management ;

Base color of the desert ;

Hue, Brightness, Saturation ;

Color irregularity ;

Sand reflection controls ;

Simple dunes control ;

Wind erosion ;

Dune animation ;

All parameters can be animated ;

Powder controls ;

Irradiance simulation, control over color, percentage and shadow irradiance distribution ;

Displacement custom map channel.



Presets management ;

Snow color ;

Hue variation / Brightness / Saturation ;

Dirty snow simulation ;

Melting snow simulation ;

Snow Reflection Level ;

Snow granularity control ;

Dirt custom map to control the dirt presence and color ;

Melt map to control the melt amount using a custom map ;

All parameters can be animated ;

Irradiance simulation, control over color, percentage and shadow irradiance distribution ;

Bump custom map channel ;

Displace custom map channel.




Presets management ;

Ice base color ;

Ice shadow color (sss simulation color) ;

Index of refraction ;

Reflection amount ;

Filter color advanced controls ;

2 type of ice simulation : “Glacier” is the typical “Iceberg” ice shader, “Pure” is more similar to an ice-cube ;

Purety control ;

Custom vein map used to mix the “Glacier” and “Pure” shaders ;

Air bubbles controls to add the precence of bubble into the iced objects ;

Primary & secondary roughness control ;

Custom roughness map channel ;

Roughness Mask ;

Auto displacement ;

All parameters can be animated ;

Custom displacement map channel.



Presets management ;

Rock Color (A and B) control over 2 base color of the rock surface ;

Procedural variation control ;

Specular & reflectivity control ;

2 Mineral grain presence control ; (give the possibility to create many different kinds of surfaces, they reproduce the irregularity of the surface of a rock) ;

Grain color, visibility , size and balancing ;

Custom mask to control the mix of the grain levels ;

Hole grain control ;

All parameters can be animated ;

Metal vein simulation controls ;

Simulation of the presence of crystallization of a mineral on the rock surface ;

Holes bump & displacement controls ;

Custom displacement map channel ;

Custom bump map channel.



Presets management ;

2 Magma type simulation : it controls the typology of magma you can use, “Solid” or “Fluid” ;

Scale and orientation controls ;

Motion and variation over time control ;

UVW Map / Object XYZ mapping type ;

3 color levels controls : Solid, Melt, Bright ;

Heat amount and distribution (a custom map can be used to control the melting level) ;

Stretching amount ;

All parameters can be animated ;

Autodisplacement controls ;


Presets management ;

Water color ;

Glitter color, amount and amplitude ;

2 transparency type and controls ;

3 wave types (ripples, lesser waves and greater waves) : all 3 types can be layered over the sea surface ;

Common wave control : amount, scale, details, animation, orientation ;

Wave displacement ;

Reflectivity control with near & far parameters ;

Environment settings ;

Underwater sss simulation controls (refraction, murkiness, underwater color, visibilty control) ;

Underwater rendering control ;

Procedural foam simulation ;

Custom foam maps channel to controls the amount and the coverage over the water surfaces ;

All parameters can be animated ;

Foam animation control.


compatible with 3ds max 7

latest build : 1.1.7