rebelThink.01 s.r.l is a young and innovating Italian company specialized in R&D development of proprietary solution and in the development of software and plug-ins for graphic artists and digital effects creators. It’s founded by different people with years of experience in SFX and development production environment. Different people, different ideas, different know-how, a single purpose: create powerful, flexible, highly optimized and customized tools that will bring on the market innovative software solutions widely based on an artistic approach so to provide the artist with the highest level of freedom during the creation of computer generated images.

rebelThink.01 develops plug-ins for the main computer graphics software and stand alone packages dedicated to the solution of high level productions without forgetting all the other kinds of works. It furnishes a complete catalogue for all sorts of clients. The projects we're working on at the moment are the result of the development of ideas and proprietary technologies. Upon request we can support custom solutions for the client, special projects and modified releases for special requests of our clients. For info:

Our vision : FUTURE. Is future really tomorrow? Tomorrow could not be the future if today there wasn’t the technological progress, the research and the unceasing and continuous development. At rebelThink time has been altered by ideas, by the taste of discovery, by the emotion of creation, by the game of thoughts and reflection. At rebelThink the future is today, because if today didn't exhist, tomorrow we would only have shreds of informations left to rule the ideas, without letting the visions of clients exhist. This is not the future, this would not be rebelThink. Yesterday we were thinking of Natural:shaders which is reality today. Now while NatShaders is to go on the market, we think. Tomorrow other ideas will dissipate the fog of bits that wraps them, and will become reality.

10 Apr 2005 - Turbo Squid Inc. becames the 1st worldwide distributor for Natural:shaders plug-ins and special releases ;

10 Mar 2005 - TheSign and rebelThink.01 founded a partnership for in-house software development ;

3 Feb 2005 - rebelThink.01 released Natural:shaders 1.1.6. Fixed the “Render elements” and “Render to textures” bugs ;

30 Dec 2004 - rebelThink.01 announce a new pricelist for Natural:shaders (42% discount) ;

27 Dec 2004 - rebelThink.01 s.r.l and Evoqe S.r.l.announce partnership to provide a mental ray option for solidThinking ;

24 Nov 2004 - rebelThink.01 s.r.l became official developer of mental images GmbH “Mental ray”.